Online instant loans -See our quick instant payday loans get deposited with you

Bernhard, I need an instant loan without credit bureau in 24 hours. I receive these requests more and more often. Probably because I myself was in Munich in the same situation years ago. My credit bureau Score was not sufficient, or better said, not available at all. As an Austrian, I could not really build […]

Truck financing via truck loan and other financing

What would logistics and freight transport be worth without a lorry and truck driver? Or put another way: could the economy flourish worldwide without haulage companies and trucks? The answers to these two questions are obvious and need not be answered explicitly here. But in order for freight forwarders and private truck drivers to acquire […]

Money is much more than just means of payment, here are the details

The term “money” is derived from the Old High German word “gelt”, which is translated with payment and remuneration. Money in particular: Baugeld Bitcoin Euro – the European common currency fixed deposit lend money Money from private cryptocurrency call money In today’s language, money means the socially accepted and legally introduced means of payment. As […]

Real estate financing: this is how you finance your property

The desire for a home is one of the focused goals of many people, especially if a family is present or planned. In addition, a property is always a good basis for retirement. At the same time, there are many questions and potential risks, such as real estate financing, which must be considered when planning. […]